Property Bang helps to save time and resources!

SUBMIT – Wish you had more time for viewings or for your family? If you spend 10 minutes to submit a property to a website, you will need 100 minutes to submit the same property to 10 websites. With Property Bang, you will only need 10 minutes to submit the property details to 10 websites. That’s a 90% savings in time for every property you market.

REPOST – There’s no need to re enter all your information! A mere click at the Repost button will help you delete your out-dated post and re-submit a new listing to all property websites! Your listing is refreshed in the property websites and get ready to receive more phone calls from clients!

DELETE – Wish you had an assistant to remove all your closed listings? Wish no more! Property Bang will help you delete closed listings from all property websites in a click!

REPOST SCHEDULER (NEW!) – This is the most powerful function! You can now select your repost schedule option: once in 3 days, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! Once you have set it up, our intelligent PropertyBang will remind and repost for you when the schedule is up!

Promotional Subscription RateNo more
such plan
per year
How it works?InstallationWeb Application
Post listings to multiple portals
Manage Listings
(Edit, Delete and Repost)
Manage Settings
(Login for property portals)
Scheduled Reposting
(Once in 3-days, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly)
Upload images and videos
User need not stay on his screen while posting as
submission will be performed via backend servers
Backend server will activate scheduled reposting automatically-
User can log on via multiple computers-
Email updates on each submission-
Compatible with mobile devices
e.g. iPhone, Android, iPad
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